July 11, 2017

In these days of sophisticated risk management, more employers are availing themselves of a variety of insurance options to cover employment practices liability, making it more likely that insurance will be operating behind the scenes in employment litigation, and will be present at the mediation table.

1. A Variety of Insurance Policies Cover Employment-Related Claims.

In addition to the standard Comprehensive General Liability (CGL) policy, many employers are expanding their risk management to i...

January 15, 2017

For most employees, the end of employment feels like a kick in the teeth. When an employer terminates an employee, or strongly encourages an employee to resign “voluntarily” it usually means the end of a regular paycheck, the end of subsidized healthcare and bolstered retirement benefits, as well as the end of many relationships with former co-workers and clients. Under almost most circumstances, termination of employment brings up heavy emotional issues of shame, anxiety, depression and insomni...

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