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Client Testimonials

"I reached out to Tracy in a state of alarm, anxious and uncertain about my legal rights and the direction I needed to take in negotiating my settlement. Without hesitation, she listened intently, addressed each of my concerns, and clearly outlined steps for me to gain control of the negotiations. Tracy is a consummate professional whose heart and compassion for others fearlessly steers her pursuit of justice. I am grateful every day that Tracy answered my call and am positive that you, too, will be forever grateful when she answers yours."



"I could not have asked for a better Employment Law Attorney/Mediator than Tracy, and I highly recommend her. 

Tracy took the time to listen to my difficult situation, believed in me, and took my case into her very capable hands bringing it to quick and successful resolution.

Her knowledge of Employment Law is outstanding. I found Tracy to be very competent, efficient, and a person who maintains a high level of professionalism and integrity. She is quick to respond, kept me informed and answered any/all questions in a very timely manner.

Personal note: Tracy, in addition to the above, you are the most upbeat and positive person I know. I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude - for your kind, caring and encouraging words during a very difficult time in my life - thank you!"

— Peggy (AVVO)


"It is my privilege to recommend Ms. Tracy Lemmon as your attorney. Ms. Lemmon's superior knowledge of the law, and expert guidance saved me from potential disaster. Attorney Lemmon recognized my urgent need for counsel, and immediately crafted a winning strategy that gave me the upper hand.

Ms. Lemmon was extremely responsive to my phone calls and emails. Her caring, yet professional attitude, her sense of justice, and her expertise are a winning combination of attributes. Attorney Lemmon is serious about the true meaning of her profession, and is a steadfast advocate for justice. I strongly encourage you to consider Ms, Lemmon as your attorney. I believe you will be extremely pleased with her work."



"I recently had the good fortune of enlisting Tracy's legal advice on a work-related issue. Her analysis was definitive and razor-sharp, and included an assessment of the interpersonal, human dimension of the problem--something many attorneys aren't sensitive to. Tracy proposed a course of action I hadn't thought of, one that led to a positive outcome rather than bridges burned. I couldn't be happier to recommend Tracy for her exceptional legal skills, boundless energy, and unflaggingly positive attitude."

— Rob K (Yelp/LinkedIn/AVVO)​


"Found myself in an employment law dilemma and needed advise. Ms Lemmon called me on a Sunday to discuss options. Her advice was thoughtful and ultimately turned out to be spot on. She negotiated on my behalf and a settlement was reached. I was very pleased with the end result."

— ​H.W. (AVVO) 



— MARTINDALE 5.0 out of 5.0​


"Working with Tracy was awesome! It was really easy, she had great ideas, took the time to explain things to me, and helped me get a great pay out. It was a much faster process than I expected. Everything was taken care of within 3 weeks. She didn't push me to do anything I didn't want. It was very uncomfortable situation with my employer and she turned a hopeless situation into a quick and painless way to move on."

— Jane S. (Yelp)​


"When things started to get uncomfortable with my old employer (a Fortune 500 Company), I retained Tracy Lemmon for advice and counsel during a time when my boss was not-so-subtlely pushing me out the door, telling me to enjoy a shorter commute and hen pecking my every act.

Ms. Lemmon took the time to understand my long term goals as well as the history of my

workplace issues. With her strong hand and a jointly-crafted plan to guide me, I was able to deal with the system, the process, with confidence. When my employer stopped playing fair, Ms. Lemmon was ready to jump in as my representative and she brought home the severance terms I was hoping for without anyone filing suit or any legal papers. It was such relief to move to resolution, and to be able to move on with my life. I couldn't have navigated those waters, or achieved that $$$ result, without Tracy Lemmon and Lemmon Employment Law & Conflict Resolution. 5 stars!"

— Dave B. (Yelp)


"I endorse this lawyer. Tracy is tough! We once went against each other & she won! She's like a dog with a bone, she won't let go until justice is achieved. She's on the 'right' side now and I'd definitely look to her for help if I were in need. I endorse her."

— Traci Hinden, Employment and Labor Attorney (AVVO)


"Tracy Lemmon & Lemmon Employment Law & Conflict Resolution made what could've been a laborious and uncomfortable process into a smooth experience. Throughout her firm’s representation of my case, Tracy was able to listen to my needs, carefully navigate the challenges, help define the goals, and achieve those goals. She focused on my expectations, allowing us to partner together to find a fair and just resolution with my former employer.

Throughout the process, I could tell she viewed litigation as an opportunity for her client to define and preserve their legal rights. She helped me achieve my goals with a former employer that was in clear violation of California Labor Laws. I highly recommend Tracy to anyone who feels they are not receiving fair treatment from their current or former employer."

— Chip K. (Yelp/AVVO)


"Tracy represented our firm for employment law issues on multiple occasions and her work, communication skills, expertise, affability and results were all excellent."

— Carlisle Percival (LinkedIn)


"Tracy is thorough and professional in her approach. She cuts to the chase when it comes to resolving a dispute. She is also reliable and detailed oriented as well. A great combination!"

— Bob Bragg (LinkedIn)


"I have known Tracy for the past several years when she served as Board President of a local non-profit community-based mediation organization. She is a highly skilled mediator and passionate leader, who inspires and motivates others with her wonderful mix of candor, compassion, intelligence, humility, enthusiasm, and commitment."

— Bob Bailey (LinkedIn)


"I have had the privilege of working with Tracy Lemmon at Community Boards where she serves as President of the Board of Directors. Tracy leads by example, rolls up her sleeves and gets the job done. Her boundless energy motivates and inspires those around her. Integrity, follow-through, excellence, great capacity and positive energy only begin to describe Tracy's commitment and her ability to meet incredibly difficult challenges. I would entrust Tracy with complex projects requiring tenacity, high intellect, and timeliness with high consideration for relationship management. I feel very honored to offer the highest recommendation on her behalf."

— Donald Proby (LinkedIn)


I hired Tracy Lemmon to handle my ‘layoff’ situation with my employer. After 17 years, I was let go after a reorganization in which the employer violated some employment laws regarding pay, and also did not offer a compelling exit package in light of the ‘Settlement Agreement’ they required. Tracy reviewed the facts and promptly got a response, she was professional and effective while consistently keeping me in the loop and offering 

advice as the case went forward to a very satisfying result for me. I would highly recommend Lemmon Law!”

— Doug H. (Facebook/MARTINDALE)


“At the end of 2013, Tracy Lemmon represented my interests in a contentious separation agreement between my former employer (a multi-national engineering firm) and myself. I was downsized from my company and despite my senior position, was offered a less-than-satisfactory exit package. Additionally, the company human resource department was

unprofessional in its limited and unreliable communications with me. I knew I needed legal representation to help support my efforts, and Tracy was recommended to me by a mutual friend.

Tracy was responsive and professional from the onset of our communications. We had one initial face-to-face meeting where she conducted all her up-front fact finding and due diligence, and from then on she was able to manage my case via phone calls and emails. Tracy was extremely responsive to my requests, even during her busy holiday and travel season. She kept me updated and informed as she moved assertively through negotiations with my former employer. She also offered me guidance and support during this challenging time.

“I had never been laid off before, and certainly never had to negotiate a severance package with an employer. Tracy was essential to improving the terms of my separation agreement. Tracy maintained a sense of calm, execution, and professionalism throughout the entire process. I am grateful she was recommended to me, and would recommend her to anyone seeking support in the labor-negation platform.”

— Melissa D. (Yelp/AVVO/MARTINDALE)


“My company restructured my role and informed me that in 30 days I no longer had a job. I retained Tracy Lemmon to help me through this transition because I know she is fair and assertive and seeks the best outcome for both parties. Tracy was always responsive during the transition — she reviewed all the paperwork and returned my emails and phone calls promptly. I had a minor issue in getting certain final expenses reimbursed because the employer thought the law requires more detailed information than it actually does. Tracy’s comprehensive knowledge of employment law and her excellent mediation skills were key in me getting the full reimbursement amount. She respectfully educated the employer on the true legal requirements, and gave me solid advice on how to handle this issue. Requiring an attorney can be daunting — requiring an attorney for employment matters even more so — but Tracy makes the mediation process straightforward, manageable, and empowering. I highly recommend retaining her.”

— Anon (AVVO)


"I cannot say enough positive things about working with Tracy Lemmon and Lemmon Employment Law & Conflict Resolution. Tracy was able to help with quickly resolving an unnecessarily uncomfortable parting of ways with a former employer. My goal was only what was owed to me and nothing more, and with Tracy’s help and advice I received exactly that. I highly recommend Tracy to anyone who feels that they are not receiving what they’ve earned."

— Chip K. (review on Yelp)


"Tracy Lemmon assisted me through negotiations on a move-out motion. She helped me in negotiating an amount five times the original offer. Tracy was very helpful, informative, and empowering. I would recommend her services without hesitation."

— Baroon S. (review on Yelp)


"Tracy Lemmon is the best attorney I could have hoped for!

I needed help getting an adequate settlement from an insurance company. The insurance company offered a totally inadequate amount, and wouldn’t budge despite months of communications and paperwork, before Tracy got involved. Tracy developed a strategy to exert leverage on the insurance company, took over all communications with them, and filed suit to back up her settlement strategy.

Once the lawsuit was filed, Tracy took charge and used the court filing as leverage to get a more reasonable offer from the insurance company. I didn’t know how to handle this negotiation in the face of the insurance company’s stonewalling, but Tracy handled it perfectly. Tracy won me a settlement more than four times bigger than the original offer. Now that puts a smile on my face.

Tracy is the kind of fighter and advocate you want on your side."

— Peter Schurman (review on LinkedIn)


"Tracy has been great at working together to the resolution of conflicts before they become problems and whatever conflict(s) may have existed before she has worked on the issue, she has been expert at helping to steer towards the best resolution. I would highly recommend Tracy to anyone looking for an attorney in her fields of expertise."

— Michael Davis (review on LinkedIn)
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