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We Mediate Employment, Family, Partnership and Business Disputes.

Tracy C. Lemmon has been mediating disputes, and teaching others advanced mediation and negotiation skills, for over twenty years. Her passion for mediation is evident both by her civic participation as President of the Board and Chair of the Advisory Council of Community Boards from 2004 to present, as well as her work as a neutral mediator in the private sector.

Ms. Lemmon regularly mediates litigated disputes, as well as conflicts that have not developed into mediation. Ms. Lemmon’s style is both facilitative and evaluative. Ms. Lemmon brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every mediation, and she strategically shares her

knowledge with each side to move disputing parties toward resolution. Ms. Lemmon specializes in employment mediation, where she helps parties find resolution over thorny and emotionally-charged issues such as discrimination, harassment and retaliation.


Ms. Lemmon also offers “forward mediation” where she assists prospective partners in business/creative/musical endeavors to craft a plan to bring their vision to reality, develop partnership agreements, and to anticipate and plan for the bumps along the way.


Ms. Lemmon offers a creative, productive mediation outlet for musicians in dispute. She has helped several bands work through potential “break ups” towards true collaboration. Ms. Lemmon is known for helping parties in her mediations to develop “out of the box” win-win solutions. Read More About Mediation ►

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