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Severance negotiations can take place during layoffs, or at the time of involuntary termination.


Unless an employee’s contract guarantees severance or a specific amount of compensation upon separation, employers are not obligated to offer severance to employees who have been laid off or terminated. However, many employers offer limited severance, especially in cases of layoffs or job restructuring.


While employers often present a severance package as a “take-it-or-leave-it” offer, Tracy C. Lemmon has had great success in negotiating improved, personalized severance terms for her clients. Read Tracy’s blog on leveraging severance.


We will review your severance agreement and provide you an oral or written analysis as well as a suggested plan of action. We can coach or represent you in severance negotiations with your employer. Don’t go it alone.


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Here are comments from some of our

severance-negotiation clients:​​

“At the end of 2013, Tracy Lemmon represented my interests in a contentious separation agreement between my former employer (a multi-national engineering firm) and myself. I was downsized from my company and despite my senior position, was offered a less-than-satisfactory exit package. Additionally, the company human resource department was unprofessional in its limited and unreliable communications with me. I knew I needed legal representation to help support my efforts, and Tracy was recommended to me by a mutual friend.

Tracy was responsive and professional from the onset of our communications. We had one initial face-to-face meeting where she conducted all her up-front fact finding and due diligence, and from then on she was able to manage my case via phone calls and emails. Tracy was extremely responsive to my requests, even during her busy holiday and travel season. She kept me updated and informed as she moved assertively through negotiations with my former employer. She also offered me guidance and support during this challenging time.

I had never been laid off before, and certainly never had to negotiate a severance package with an employer. Tracy was essential to improving the terms of my separation

agreement. Tracy maintained a sense of calm, execution, and professionalism throughout the entire process. I am grateful she was recommended to me, and would recommend her to anyone seeking support in the labor-negation platform.”

—Melissa D. (Yelp/AVVO/MARTINDALE)


“My company restructured my role and informed me that in 30 days I no longer had a job. I retained Tracy Lemmon to help me through this transition because I know she is fair and assertive and seeks the best outcome for both parties. Tracy was always responsive during the transition — she reviewed all the paperwork and returned my emails and phone calls promptly. I had a minor issue in getting certain final expenses reimbursed because the employer thought the law requires more detailed information than it actually does. Tracy’s comprehensive knowledge of employment law and her excellent mediation skills were key in me getting the full reimbursement amount. She respectfully educated the employer on the true legal requirements, and gave me solid advice on how to handle this issue. Requiring an attorney can be daunting — requiring an attorney for employment matters even more so — but Tracy makes the mediation process straightforward, manageable, and empowering. I highly recommend retaining her.”

Anon (AVVO)

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