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Wrongful termination.

No one likes to be fired. A termination is wrongful in the eyes of the law if the employer’s decision to terminate/demote a person is motivated by discrimination or retaliation, by an employee’s refusal to participate in an illegal activity, or by the employee’s exercise of his or her rights such as taking pregnancy or medical leave, inquiring about wages or reporting harassment or discrimination.

If you have been wrongfully terminated, your primary concerns are probably about your career and your financial security as well as coping with the emotional distress that

comes with a wrongful termination. Just when you are suffering a major blow to your ego and emotions, you also must confront harsh economic realities of trying to survive without a job and figure out how to transition away from your former employer.


We are here to help.

Employees have many rights that are protected by law. Take action to hold your employer legally accountable by talking directly with Tracy Lemmon about your situation to determine whether you have a case.

Contact Tracy C. Lemmon for a no-cost 20-minute telephone consultation ►

I hired Tracy Lemmon to handle my ‘layoff’ situation with my employer. After 17 years, I was let go after a reorganization in which the employer violated some employment laws regarding pay, and also did not offer a compelling exit package in light of the ‘Settlement Agreement’ they required. Tracy reviewed the facts and promptly got a response, she was professional and effective while consistently keeping me in the loop and offering advice as the case went forward to a very satisfying result for me. I would highly recommend Lemmon Law!

— Doug H. (Facebook/MARTINDALE)

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