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Unpaid compensation.

Employers are required to pay wages, including overtime, bonuses, and commissions, in a timely manner.

Employers are required to pay all earned wages, and pay out all accrued vacation, on the day of termination (or within 72 hours if the employee quits or resigns).

When an employer lets an employee go, oftentimes there are issues as to whether earned commissions are due and owing.


Don’t guess about your hard-earned money.


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Here’s what some of our clients have to say:

"I cannot say enough positive things about working with Tracy Lemmon and Lemmon Employment Law & Conflict Resolution. Tracy was able to help with quickly resolving an unnecessarily uncomfortable parting of ways with a former employer. My goal was only what was owed to me and nothing more, and with Tracy’s help and advice I received exactly that. I highly recommend Tracy to anyone who feels that they are not receiving what they’ve earned."

— Chip K. (review on Yelp)


"Tracy Lemmon assisted me through negotiations on a move-out motion. She helped me in negotiating an amount five times the original offer. Tracy was very helpful, informative, and empowering. I would recommend her services without hesitation."

— Baroon S. (review on Yelp)


"Tracy Lemmon is the best attorney I could have hoped for!

I needed help getting an adequate settlement from an insurance company. The insurance company offered a totally inadequate amount, and wouldn’t budge despite months of communications and paperwork, before Tracy got involved. Tracy developed a strategy to exert leverage on the insurance company, took over all communications with them, and filed suit to back up her settlement strategy.

Once the lawsuit was filed, Tracy took charge and used the court filing as leverage to get a more reasonable offer from the insurance company. I didn’t know how to handle this negotiation in the face of the insurance company’s stonewalling, but Tracy handled it perfectly. Tracy won me a settlement more than four times bigger than the original offer. Now that puts a smile on my face.

Tracy is the kind of fighter and advocate you want on your side."

— Peter Schurman (review on LinkedIn)

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