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We Believe in Early, Cost-Effective Resolution.


At Lemmon Employment Law & Conflict Resolution, we believe that the best way to resolve most employee-employer disputes is through expert negotiation conducted by a skilled, informed and thoughtful attorney.


Many employees have a significant relationship with their employer, as well as their colleagues, and are hesitant to disrupt their career, their paycheck and their future references by taking hasty, aggressive legal action. Before going down the long and expensive road of litigation and court battles, we thoroughly prepare and present our Client’s case to their employer. We set the stage for resolution by providing a fair settlement demand and rationale up front, as well as a preview of what will come if the employer fails to recognize their wrongdoing and respond with a significant settlement offer, before moving forward with litigation. Should the employer not provide an acceptable offer, we have twenty years of civil litigation experience and will do what it takes to get the right result for our Client.

Many employers are not aware of perceived wrongdoing until the aggrieved employee has quit or been laid off. Some employers are not aware of their duty to investigate complaints of harassment and discrimination, or to train their supervisors on harassment.  Some employers avoid personnel conflict until it is too late.  At Lemmon Employment Law & Conflict Resolution, we help employers analyze employee allegations and chart a responsive, cost-effective course of action.

With over 20 years of employment litigation, mediation and negotiation experience, Ms. Lemmon’s expert negotiation skills often enable her to achieve an early, cost-effective resolution in her Clients’ best interests. We pride ourselves on excellent communications with our Clients, and with opposing counsel, as we move forward on

the path towards mutual respect and fair compensation for the significant harms suffered by our Clients.

"Working with Tracy was awesome! It was really easy, she had great ideas, took the time to explain things to me, and helped me get a great pay out. It was a much faster process than I expected. Everything was taken care of within 3 weeks. She didn't push me to do anything I didn't want. It was very uncomfortable situation with my employer and she turned a hopeless situation into a quick and painless way to move on."

— Jane S. (Yelp)​


"When things started to get uncomfortable with my old employer (a Fortune 500 Company), I retained Tracy Lemmon for advice and counsel during a time when my boss was not-so-subtlely pushing me out the door, telling me to enjoy a shorter commute and hen pecking my every act. Ms. Lemmon took the time to understand my long term goals as well as the history of my workplace issues. With her strong hand and a jointly-crafted plan to guide me, I was able to deal with the system, the process, with confidence. When my employer stopped playing fair, Ms. Lemmon was ready to jump in as my representative and she brought home the severance terms I was hoping for without anyone filing suit or any legal papers. It was such relief to move to resolution, and to be able to move on with my life. I couldn't have navigated those waters, or achieved that $$$ result, without Tracy Lemmon and Lemmon Employment Law & Conflict Resolution. 5 stars!"

— Dave B. (Yelp)

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